Build a Stronger Business Foundation

Healing Soul School is a multidimensional business training school for the starter or growth stage Spiritual entrepreneur, Intuitive, Mystic, Lightworker.

You know you are here for something bigger but need help organizing the pieces and bringing your business ideas into reality. We guide you to ‘Elevate Your Vision’ & get your message or gift out to the world in a bigger, more impactful way!

We teach you to connect to your higher self through the art of healing energy, while you further grow your business, intuitive gifts & amplify your impact. Magnetically draw in your soul aligned clients as you learn how to be the luminescent lighthouse in your business.

On A Mission To Help Spiritual Entrepreneurs Shine!

Our Mission at the Healing Soul School is to raise the confidence and skill set of spiritual entrepreneurs allowing you to help more people!

As highly intuitive visionaries, we see your magic and ways you can grow your reach.

Put an end to any scarcity mindset or confusion with practical tips, business strategies and self healing tools.

Learn to be the best version of you showing up in your business and life.

Through our own entrepreneurial journey we realized that we ping-ponged between teachers, and guides. Yearning for information. Finding what fits. Understanding we needed to heal to grow but not always knowing how or who to work with for our highest and best. In the creation of the Healing Soul School we wanted to bring all of those teachings, healings, business support and community together in one shop! So people didn’t need to bounce all over trying to find the next best thing. Everything here at the Healing Soul School is housed under one roof! Our goal is to take the Entrepreneur, Healer, Lightworker, or Empath and give them the tools to heal themselves so they can magnify that energy in their business and draw in those soul aligned clients without feeling the need for the constant hustle. Using these tools and shining a spotlight on the awesomeness of you to allow you to show up as the true CEO of your business and life. When your reach expands, more people are helped & more people are healed.

In the end, THAT is our true goal, to Heal the Many.

What We Do

Getting The Stuck Entrpreneur...Un-Stuck

Healing Soul School teaches entrepreneurs how to connect with your intuitive gifts and heal what’s hiding in the subconscious.

You know your own healing transformation is needed for you to grow your business, impact and income. You have the pieces of the puzzle and you’re looking for some help on how to put them together effectively giving you time and money freedoms. A supportive village that will hold your distracted self accountable ….

We help ambitious Spiritual Entrepreneurs, like you, release any emotional blocks, learn how to self heal, create a

crystal clear business foundation and formula to attract your soul aligned clients.

Are you connected to your Spiritual side but still struggling in your business?

Are you struggling with not feeling seen or heard?

Are you spinning your wheels even after investing so much time and money in your business?

We’re here to help you get to the root of what is holding you back. It’s like having the foot on the gas and the brake at the same time. You have these amazing ideas in your head and then a fear when you start to execute them.

Are You Tired Of Feeling...

  • Alone? These past months have had their own challenges for our world but often our own feelings of separation, isolation, not being understood or people thinking we’re crazy can enhance that feeling of loneliness or isolation.
  • Stuck? Have you been doing the work, taking the courses but feeling like it’s Groundhog Day and you can’t seem to get out of your old patterns.
  • Lost? Are you an Entrepreneur or have the vision to be an Entrepreneur and no idea where to turn for support or guidance, or how to bring in more crave worthy clients?

You Deserve To Start Feeling...

  • In Control of your life... Joining the Healing Soul School’s Conscious Living Village you will learn to heal from within in a supportive community with other like minded changemakers.
  • Cared for... With the support of our team of intuitive teachers & healers; learn to clear energy blocks & old patterns for yourself and clients; opening space for greater expansion
  • Supported professionally and personally... The Healing Soul school offers programs for support, structure and business foundations exclusively for the Spiritual Entrepreneur in the start or growth stage of your business. Create a balanced business utilizing your magnetic Feminine and Masculine energy to unleash your sparkle, increase your presence and service to others

Healing Soul School was created to teach Spiritual Entrepreneurs how to elevate their business and the tools to gain structure, strategy and clarity all within a supportive community

Living A Results Driven Life With The Healing Soul School

  • Learn how to heal yourself WITHOUT being dependent on someone else.
  • Deeper meditation practice to get into a deeper, delicious meditation
  • Healing meditations
  • Develop greater intuition
  • Release limiting blocks and rewire your brain
  • Strengthen self trust, and trust in others
  • Learn balance by tapping into your feminine and masculine energy within
  • Healing dissociation